Saturday, October 26, 2013

LIFESTYLE: Tips for a successful marriage

I went to a wedding somewhere at Imo State, Nigeria and at the back of the wedding programme I saw these wonderful tips for a successful marriage. Don't wanna be a "greedy learner" so I decided to share with you... Enjoy the tips!
1.  Always pray together.
2.  Study the bible together everyday.
3.  Let your friends know that you are now a married person, this will stop unnecessary disturbance.
4.  Maintain your Christian virtues at all times.
5.  Start each day with
a kiss.
6.  Wear your wedding ring at all times.
7.  Accept differences.
8.  Be polite.
9.  Be gentle.
10.  Give gifts.
11.  Smile often.
12.  Talk about dreams.
13.  Select a song that can be "our song."
14.  Send cards.
15.  Do what your spouse wants before he/she asks.
16.  Listen.
17.  Encourage.
18.  Compliment at least twice a day.
19.  Call during the day.
20.  Hold hands.
21.  Cuddle! Again I say, cuddle!
22.  Ask for each other's opinion.
23.  Show respect.
24.  Welcome each other home.
25.  Look your best.
26.  Wink at each other.
Hope you enjoyed the tips. Do well to share with others.

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