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HEALTH: Dark armpits

Afraid if someone notices your underarm?
It’s quite understandable as this condition
is quite common among us. Fortunately for
us, there are various home remedies to
darkening of your underarm that
are proven yet effective without breaking
your wallet. Read on more to find out.
First thing that you need to know is dark
underarms is not an unfortunate disease.
The discoloration that you see (can be
subtle or obvious darkening) compared to
rest of your skin are caused by many
factors hence it’s essential that you
understand how skin pigmentation works.
General causes of underarm darkening:
Do you frequently shave the hairs from
your body? This common habit is also the
most common cause to your dark
underarms. Underarm hair is coarser,
thicker, and generally darker but the
stubble ones are much more and can be
visible just under the surface of your skin.
Over prolong habits of shaving, the skin
can look dark and shadowy when it’s the
just the hair that causes it.
Using plenty of creams, deodorants, and
lotions on your armpit area can also make
the skin darken, where the alcohols and
chemicals contained in the formulation may
cause allergic reaction and/or irritating the
skin. This can lead your skin to thicken (a condition known as hyperkeratosis) and
accompanied with hyperpigmentation, as
your body thinks it’s to protect against
excessive external ‘assault’ when you only
use the products to keep the area look and
smell nicely.
Treatments available for underarm darkening:
Various over-the-counter topical cream and
ointments are widely available to treat the
condition where it works to inhibit the
melanin production in the area, which in
turn encourage the affected skin to lighten.
Usually the results can be seen in few
There also few treatments that can offer
short recovery period (although can be a
bit expensive). Treatments using chemical
peels with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can
be done to peel the outermost layer of the
affected skin to reveal the brighter one
underneath. Laser therapy and
dermabrasion procedures can also be used
to peel off the damaged outer layer of the
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Underarms:
A simple yet effective home remedy is
available and can be found right in your
kitchen. And of course, these tips are
proven and certainly won’t cost a
fortune to use it. The important thing is you
need to use the method regularly as it takes
some time to see the desired results.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 1:
Scrubbing the affected area with a thin
slice of potato is effective thanks to its mild
acidic properties (yet non-irritating to your
skin) as a natural bleaching agent. You can
also make the juice out from potato and
apply to the area and letting it dry before
washing it off with a splash of lukewarm
water. Repeat this remedy frequently to get
a faster result.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 2:
If using chemical peels sounds expensive
for you, achieve the similar effect with
mashed apple and apply them to the
affected skin. Apple contain high amount
of AHAs beneficial to kill the germs and
exfoliate the skin. Over time, the affected
skin will look lighter in few days.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 3:
Lemon is also useful as a home remedy as
it have acidic properties that can lighten
your skin as well as exfoliating dead skin
cells on the affected area evenly. Use the
same method as you would for a potato
but keep in mind to apply moisturizer as
the acidic content in a lemon is quite high.
Alternatively, make a paste consisting of
lemon juice with a dash of turmeric and
apply them on the affected area. Let the
paste dry before washing them off.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 4:
Although known for its soothing properties,
cucumber also act as a natural bleaching
agent to lighten your darken underarms.
Just like the remedies mentioned above,
you just need to cut the cucumber in slices
and rub it across the underarms before
rinsing it.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 5:
It may sound a bit slippery, but coconut oil
can also be used to lighten the dark skin in
your underarms thanks to its high vitamin E
content. Lightly massage the nutritious oil
to the affected area for ten minutes before
getting a shower and rinse them with
lukewarm water. On the plus side, this
remedy is also double as a natural
Underarm Darkness Remedy 6:
Baking soda can also be used to lighten
your underarms. Use them as a natural
homemade scrub by adding with a bit of
water to make a thick paste. This scrub is
effective to purge of the damaged and dead
cell, unclogging the pores, and kill the
germs living in the area and what you’ll get
is a clean, odor-free, and lighten skin.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 7:
Strong anti-bacterial and lightening
properties in vinegar makes it useful to kill
the germs that causing the odor as well as
lighten darkened skin. As it’s a liquid, you
need to make it into a paste by mixing it
with rice flour and apply it to the affected
area. Let the paste dry before washing it
Underarm Darkness Remedy 8:
An essential oil like sandalwood is also
effective and produces quick result if you
use this method on daily basis. Mix enough
amount of oil with rose water into a thick
paste and apply to darken underarms. Let
the paste work for a couple of minutes
before washing it off with cool water.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 9:
The high content of probiotics in yoghurt
can be helpful in killing off the germs while
lactic acid is essential to exfoliate the skin
and nourishes the new ones underneath it.
The affected skin will become visibly lighter
in few days if you use this method daily.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 10:
Another potent ingredient for your
underarms, honey is known for its anti-
bacterial, soothing, and lightening
properties. Simply apply a tiny amount of
honey and spread them onto our skin. it
does sound sticky so you need to rest a bit
to let the honey dries out before rinsing
them off with warm water.
Underarm Darkness Remedy 11:
Saffron is one of the essential spices in
culinary and also makes a potent lightening
and anti-bacterial agent. Add a pinch of
saffron mixed with a thick solution of milk
and apply to your underarms. You need to
let it sit round an hour before washing it
These home remedies are very useful and
can be used together with conventional
medical methods available (plus it won’t
cost too much to get the materials).
Now you know that you may have done one or
two mentioned causes of dark underarms,
you’ll know how to treat them with these
tips and never be embarrassed by it again.

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